What are cenotes and why should you try them?

Gran Cenote, Tulum

Riviera Maya and the Yucatan peninsula hold some of the most beautiful and important treasures of the whole Caribbean shore: a vast and interconnected net of underground flooded caverns. These caverns receive the name of cenotes, and they are the result of the karstic soil of the area interacting with water.

An interesting fact is that this underground cavern system works as a pluvial system for the Caribbean, which resulted in the second largest reef barrier system in the world. Another curious fact is that the first largest reef barrier system is located in Australia, a country where cenotes can also be found. According to a NatGeo documental, the cenotes clean the water and make it appropriate for a wide range of marine life; hence, their importance.

Coral reefs at Mesoamerican Reef Barrier System

Cenotes in Riviera Maya

In Riviera Maya, cenotes are widely used for touristic purposes. Locals emphasize the importance of sustainable practices when visiting these water bodies, not just because they’re part of the natural richness that Mexico was gifted with, but also because they’re crucial in the existence and maintenance of a large number of ecosystems, which depend on each other.

When done right, cenotes visits can be the experience of a lifetime. You can have a relaxing time while enjoying the water and the environment, explore underwater life with a snorkel or scuba gear, try ziplining, and more. It will depend on the cenote you’re visiting. Make sure it fits your plan.

Cenotes were (and still are) considered the origin of life

Local ancient civilizations, the Mayas, considered these both the entrance to the underworld and the origin of life. It all makes sense when you realize these were the only source of purified water for these civilizations to be born.

A cenote where tree roots hang from rocks

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